How can your country end medical research waste?

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Till Bruckner, TranspariMed

Naho Yamazaki, Health Research Authority

Rachel Knowles, Medical Research Council

Michael Wolzt, Vienna University

Till Bruckner leads TranspariMed. His hard work in advocacy has made a real difference in clinical trials results reporting over the past years. The UK aims to become the world’s first (and so far only) country to ensure that 100% of all clinical trials are registered, and 100% of trial results are made public. In future, the Health Research Authority will directly register all trials, and then monitor whether results are made public.

Naho Yamazaki explains how the strategy was developed, how the new system will work, and what other countries can learn from the UK model. The Medical Research Council was the first funding agency worldwide to set up a monitoring system that checks whether grantees register clinical trials and make their results public. Rachel Knowles discusses what research funders in other countries can learn from the MRC’s experiences, and share tips for setting up similar systems. Vienna Medical University is currently making the results of hundreds of drug trials public on the European trial registry. Doing this will become a legal requirement across Europe in late 2021, but many universities still struggle with the process. Michaela Fritz and Michael Wolzt discuss how their national medicines regulator supports universities – and what other regulators across Europe can learn from the Austrian model.