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Major funders are not interested in methodology and processes in clinical research. They focus on funding the promises of final outputs, often disregarding the means of how these results in science are delivered.

Consilium Scientific is a non-profit organisation looking into the routes of problems. We want to change the approaches, the culture, and the mind-sets to help future generations do science and clinical care better than today.

  • We run public events and seminars on controversial topics in health research and policy

  • We generate evidence to inform policy change

  • We deliver insights into clinical trials data through our proprietary Health on Trial platform

  • We pursue advocacy work via campaigns such as TranspariMed and support like-minded organisations

Consilium Scientific stands for transparency, rigorous methodology and patient prioritisation.  

With your support we will continue to deliver educational content, conduct research into quality and integrity of clinical research, advocate for timely clinical trial reporting, disseminate good practice and train students.

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