Alzheimer's future: is the amyloid hypothesis alive or is it on life support?

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15 June 2023 5pm BST

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If you live long enough, either you will have Alzheimer’s yourself or it’ll be one of your relatives or one of your friends or… maybe more than one. This is a public health issue of the 21st century which is getting very personal. Impressive failures in all our attempts to figure out the mechanism of the disease and find any disease modifying solutions have been disappointing. Where are we today? What are the new -mabs which are making the headlines? Is this a hype promising billion-dollar earnings to Pharma or is this a hope for disease modification?



Professor Aaron Kesselheim (Harvard Medical School)
Professor Peter Whitehouse (Neurology, Case Western Reserve University)
Professor Frank Harrell (Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University)
Dr Richard Oakley (Alzheimer’s Society, UK)


Rare Alzheimer's Mutation Delays Onset of Disease Nature | Vol617 | 25May2023