Peter Clark, MD

Professor Clark is a medical oncologist and practised in Liverpool for over 28 years.  His roles have included being Medical Director of his Trust (1993-2000), Director of the Mersey & Cheshire Cancer Research Network (2001-2008), leading his specialty of medical oncology nationally (2000-2006), serving on the NICE Technology Appraisal Committee (2002-2009) and then chairing it (2009-2013) and then joining NHS England Specialised Commissioning in 2013 as chair of the Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Group (2013-2019) and National Clinical lead for the Cancer Drugs Fund (2013-to date). His current role is focussed on working with NHS England, NICE, the pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and patients to maximise and accelerate access in England to cancer drugs which are both clinically and cost effective.

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