Interns 2023



Shiyu Chen

Shiyu is a graduate of MSc in Global Health Policy from London School of Economics (LSE). The main modules she took during master program focused on economic analysis and evidence appraisal for health policy in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries, mental health policy and health policy and politics. Prior to that she got Bachelor’s degree of Social Work and Social Policy in Hong Kong Baptist University, where she gained valuable placement experience working with children with special educational need (SEN) and patients with breast cancer.

Currently, she is working closely with research team at Consilium Scientific focusing on transparency of clinical trials. She is deeply passionate about applying her knowledge and work experience in health policy and politics to the research project, with the goal of making clinical trials more accessible.




Chandan Sekhon

Chandan is a third-year medical student at the University of Cambridge. He is currently intercalating in physiology and neuroscience and has a particular interest in neurology, public health and health policy. Through being on committees relating to humanitarian causes, MedTech, global policy and law, he has developed a passion for reducing health inequalities and improving patients’ quality of care. He hopes to improve clinical reporting through policy changes on a global scale with the aim of improving medical care on a large scale.




Sophie Guzikowski 

Sophie is currently a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science completing a MSc in International Health Policy. Originally from the United States, she previously earned a bachelor’s in public health and worked in clinical research. Her main interests include chronic disease prevention, long-term care, and nutrition policy, and she is looking forward to gaining further experience in research while interning at Consilium.






Yixuan Chen

Yixuan is currently completing her MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics) at the London School of Economics, having received her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. During her master's programme, she learned about health systems, healthcare financing, pharmaceutical economics and polices, and economic evaluation models for healthcare. With a strong interest in clinical trial transparency, Yixuan is dedicated to improving the accessibility and comprehensiveness of clinical trial information, enabling healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions.


Interns 2022



Marguerite O'Riordan

Marguerite obtained medical degree at Aston Medical School in Birmingham. She is about to start working as an academic NHS doctor in Southampton. In 2024 she became the executive director of TranspariMED, having previously been its advocacy officer, and prior to that a research intern with Consilium Scientific; gaining extensive experience engaging with research funders and institutions. Marguerite has also worked with the British Medical Association and Healthcare Leadership Academy. She has a keen interest in health policy, medical politics and global health. She endeavours to bring about impactful change in healthcare by engaging with the systemic factors that influence health, policy-making and addressing health inequities.




Scott Lewis

Scott joined Consilium Scientific as an intern in August 2022, after gaining a first class Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter.  He is pursuing his interest in health policy and health technology assessment, and hopes to gain experience within real world research,  further understanding where issues within health policy lie internationally, particularly through data visualisation. His interests are found in quality of life research and priority setting within countries’ healthcare systems. 



 Elise Gamertsfelder

Elise is from the US, where she worked as a nurse in A&E for 7 years. She is currently completing her MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics. Her previous work as a clinical trial nurse sparked an interest in pharmaceutical policy and led her to Consilium Scientific. In addition to pharmaceutical policy, her interests include ageing policy and health financing. 


Dominic Grzegorzek

Dominic is undertaking an internship at Consilium Scientific while completing his BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter. He is specialising in Microbiology & Infectious Disease, with a specific focus in oncology. He is currently completing an industrial placement, working in research and development at a pharmaceutical company, assisting in the stability research of monoclonal antibody therapies used for cancer treatment. He plans to undertake an MSc in International Health Policy upon graduating from Exeter.


Interns 2021


Gen Okamoto

Gen comes from Japan. He is a working professional in the healthcare industry and holds a position in a pharmaceutical company. In his career he has experience in epidemiological analysis, competitive intelligence, and real-world data analysis. He is now studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science to complete his MSc (International Health Policy) programme while taking one-year sabbatical leave. His research interests are HTA, oncology drugs, advanced therapy medicinal products (ex. gene therapy, cell therapy, etc.), and machine learning/AI.

02.09.2021 Сost of Targeted Therapies in Cancer 
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Valerie Jentzsch

Valerie is undertaking an internship at Consilium Scientific while completing her MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics. She previously graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry with Management from Imperial College London, where she also worked as a research assistant on a project evaluating the integrated management of pancreatic cancer.

02.09.2021 Сost of Targeted Therapies in Cancer 
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Zeyu Zhao

Zeyu is completing her MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics. Prior to this, she gained her Bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management from Central University of Finance and Economics in China and had a one-year training in Economics at London School of Economics. During her Master’s programme, she gained knowledge in health policy, pharmaceutical economics, systematic literature review and cost-effectiveness analysis. She is interested in health policy related questions, especially in terms of how criteria for evidence review can better aid decision making in health policy.

Quality Appraisal Tools for Non-randomised
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Interns 2020


Konstantina Politopoulou

Konstantina is a Research Associate at the Medical Technology Research Group (MTRG) at the London School of Economics and Political Science since October 2020. She is collaborating on projects related to health technology assessment and pharmaceutical policy. Before joining the MTRG, she completed an internship at Consilium Scientific and then worked as an analyst on an ad hoc basis. Konstantina holds a M.Sc. in International Health Policy from LSE. She also holds a Pharmacy degree from the University of Patras (Greece), where she worked as a researcher in the fields of pharmacogenomics and public health genomics.

 29.10.2020  Assessing quality of clinical trials: a new look


Rohan Bhattaram 

Rohan is a medical student at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He graduated with an MSc in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has strong interests in the overall healthcare industry, bridging gaps in coverage by making novel biotechnology more accessible through policy and private industry endeavours. Rohan completed an internship during the summer of 2020 at Consilium Scientific. 


 29.10.2020 Assessing quality of clinical trials: a new look



Bhumi Shah

Bhumi is a 3rd medical student at the University of Cambridge. She has a strong interest in health policy. She is currently pursuing research in health policy and surgical technologies. Her ambition is to increase access to healthcare through policy changes and new technologies.